Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's long overdue that I post my final blog on my Spain trip. I basically spent the last three days of my stay in Spain on a beautiful beach in Cadiz. I really enjoyed relaxing before my trip back. I then headed back to Seville for one (supposedly) last nite.

The night before my EXPECTED departure, I went out to dinner with two girls I had met a while back, Ana and Maria. After dinner, I stopped at Eucharistic Adoration for a bit, and then headed back to my hostal, arriving at about 2am. I set my alarm for 4am. However, when I woke, it was 7am and my flight was to leave at 7:30! I jumped up, rushed around and then gave into the fact that I would be unable to make it. I spent two hours trying to figure out a plan and my Dad finally said just to go to the airport and see what I could do. So off I went in a taxi with all my luggage and luckily they had a flight the next day about the same time. I took a bus back, which seemed to take an eternity, and lugged my luggage all the way back to the hostal.

That night I could hardly sleep for fear of sleeping in again. I had the hostal do a wake up knock on the door and I was at the airport at around 4:30am. It was the craziest site I've seen in a longtime...I get to the airport expecting it to be dead. However, there was a Seville soccer game in Glascow and it seemed like the whole city of Seville was in that airport dressed in red clothing, kilts, and blonde wigs. A very funny site to say the least, although a bit too early in the morning for my taste.

I made it on my flight with no problems although the flight did leave an hour late because of some difficulties they were having! I sat next to a older couple from Seville. They were very kind and complimented me on my Spanish! I guess they were going to Istambul for a five day tour!

At the Madrid airport, I made friends with a girl going to Pennsylvania. We kept each other company until our respective flights.

The flight from Madrid to Chicago seemed eternal! I sat next to a man from Cairo which was really interesting. He was on his first trip to the states. He even let me try one of their foods, which was similar to a fig newton!

I passed through customs without problems and was excited to see my Dad and Anna waiting for me right outside. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and the long trip and my Dad took charge of the luggage.
It was really great to see everyone and once back, I realized how quickly everything really went.
It all almost seems a blur!
I'm back to school, work and such and it's amazing how one just slips right back into the swing of things.

I feel so grateful to have been able to go and I know what I have learned and experienced across the waters will be with me in much of what I do later in life. I'm already making my next travel plans :) But for now, I'm more than content to spend time with my family and friends as they are just as much fun as enjoyable as traveling (and cost much less!)

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