Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bonita, Bonita, Ciudad Bonita!

So, I originally thought I´d only post once in a while, but it´s easier to post shorter blogs more often because there is a thirty minute time limit to use the computers. They´ve been keeping us busy with so many trips that I´ve hardly had time to be homesick. I suppose that´s their plan! We visited the Real Alcazar which is the royal palace here in Sevilla. It´s very grand and beautiful with intricate carvings and designs. There is an interesting mixture of Christianity, Islam, and Judism. We also visited the Catedral. It´s gothic style is overwhelming and the inside is amazing. I´m going to have to go back to explore more. Connected to the Catedral is La Giralda, a large tower that gives a great view of the whole city. I´ve been walking more and farther than I think I ever have in my whole life! I tried wearing high heels one day, but I don´t think that´ll ever happen again since the cobblestones are a treacherous path and it´s better to be as close to the ground as possible. However, spanish women do it everyday, of all ages. I really don´t know how they do it. With all the walking, you get quite an appetite. Our landlady, Paqui, feeds us so well. Usually lunch is a big meal at 2pm and dinner a bit smaller at 930. However it seems as if both meals for us are huge and we never leave hungary. Hope everyone is well! Oh and here is a link to an album of some pictures I´ve taken so far





Colana said...

Wow! You've taken lots of pictures already! Love it! I'm happy to hear that you're seeing so much already. Your roomie looks like a real sweetie too. It will be fun to hear how you like your classes too. Are you eating lots of tortilla's? Love you!

Coco said...

Dear Andrea,
This is Mary Kelly! I hope you're having fun in Spain! Can you send me the address of spain to e-mail!
love your cousin,
Mary Kelly