Wednesday, January 10, 2007

¡Gracias & Adios!

As there is less than a week left before I leave the country, I thought I'd set up this simple and non intrusive blog to keep everyone updated while I'm off gallivanting in Spain. I hope to leave updates maybe twice a month. I'm almost ready to begin packing and I must say that it really hasn't sunk in yet that I'll soon be hearing the Spanish language on a regular basis. There are so many little things I take for granted in the States that I know I'll miss abroad for example my personal advisers and financial contributers that I have 24/7 (Mom and Dad), my stress relievers, fan club, and extended wardrobe (my sisters and cousin :) ), my blood related best friends and coffee mates (Trese and Adriana), my relatives who are always so accessible, supportive and fun (Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Nana, Nanu, Grandma, etc.), my friends who put up with my oddities, my rants, and my imperfections, and my friends that make me a better person and challenge me in my views.

I'll miss my bunk bed, peanut butter, being able to walk around my house in complete darkness without falling over, Common Grounds, Miraz, Lake Michigan, my comfort zone, my Dad's carbonara and lasagna, my Mom's meatloaf and bread pudding, my Dad doing my laundry, my dog, driving the wagon, having my sister around at school, easy Spanish classes, splitting subs with the sis, recognizing people on the streets, and working all the time.

I know I'll be homesick, but I know I'll be back and that's comforting. I'm so anxious to become fluent and I'm going to try my hardest in my classes and in the culture to acquire this skill. I'm excited to travel and go outside of the "American bubble" that we live in. I know I'll have to make some hard decisions and I hope I follow my conscience and intuition, which I'm sure will sound much like my Mom's voice. I hope to grow stronger in my faith, visit lots of gorgeous churches, and take the initiative to make myself a better Catholic. I ask for many prayers and I'll being keeping everyone in mine as well.

This is my first step towards my future goal of being a bilingual physical therapist and eventually doing missionary work in a Spanish speaking country. Although idealistic, finally being so close to my dream of studying abroad makes me realize that it may be feasible to accomplish my future dreams. I'll make the most of these four months and when I return, I hope to be the same, yet enriched.


lina said...

Dear Andrea,

I envy you so much! :D Not in a bad or mean way, but I trully envy you your new experience that you are gonna find in a new country. I know what you are going through right now - getting ready for your trip, buying stuff that you think you'll need, thinking about packing and constantly going trough all of the suff that you might need when you'll be far away from home. That is very exciting part of the trip indeed when you know that all of the adventures are still ahead and waiting for ya :) Sevilla.... that sounds just great! Spain is a lovely country. I've been to Mallorca, the island in the Mediterranian , and I loved it! I want to go to Madrid (or Paris)in my 4th year of studies and be an exchange student again :) I miss new experiences and adventures in my life so much... Thats why I envy you :) You'll have a great time, I know. There are a few free advices that I can give you:
1. LOOK - (Look around you. Watch people, architecture, art... Everything in the old Europe is amazing! Be open and let yourself enjoy the world that surrounds you.)
2. BE OPEN - (I know you'll be surprised by the differences that you might find about the people, culture, or even food :)But that is what trips are great - gettin to know new things!)
3. ENJOY - (No matter what,even if the will be difficult moments (when you be homesick, miss your friends and family), remember that this experiance is a gift that you'll never forget, so try to get the most of it and smile, because this is the time of your life :)

PS. Thank you so much for the Christmas card. It was a lovely surprise :)
I'd love to se you while you are in Spain. I might be in Paris in May or June, but dont know when exactly that will be yet. So keep in tough and I'll contact you about my plans for the spring. maybe will be able to meet somewhere halfway... :)

Good luck and enjoy SPAIN!!!!

Lots of besos!

Anna said...

Hi Andrea!

This is Anna! I hope you are having lots of fun! We all miss you so much. Make sure you write me back!


Anna said...
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Coco said...

Querido Andrea,

¿Qué tal? ¿A ti te gusta Sevilla?

Well, if you haven’t heard already, we all miss you like loco here. But I’m sure your having un tiempo divertido. I enjoy reading your blog =]

Everything is going well here on the homefront. I’m gettting excited por el crucero de Golden Strings. Hopefully my passport arrives soon. Then I’ll get to hit Mexico for a couple of horas y explorar por un día magnífico.

Carolyn had her first basketball game as part of el equipo de McKinley. They won by one
point y ella played almost the whole time.

Finals have passed it course=]

The Tremper High School Blood Drive is also making its way back into los corazóns de muchos. Hopefully some family members are willing to participar=]

Miss YOU Mucho.
Besitos, Besitos,
Tú Prima Favorita =]
Trese <3