Monday, March 19, 2007


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Morocco is by far the farthest I have been away from the comfort of familiarity and the ability to relate to fellow human beings. For one, the language is completely different, and the majority know French as a second language as opposed to Spanish or English. Secondly, I stick out like a sore thumb amoung the darker skin, and being a non islamic woman, not wearing the traditional garb. Riding in the bus to and through cities and small towns of Morocco, I almost felt like a slide under the microscope. Pairs of Moroccan eyes, mostly male, followed us as we went along our way, in the same way, I supposed we looked at them. The reason I said mostly male eyes is that it is really hard to find woman on the streets and the "machoism" here is even stronger than in Spain. I´ve run out of time for now already, but I´ll finish in a short time.

I spent about a half hour writing an explanation of my trip. And for some reason it erased it.

Ok, I´ll try this again! Rough outline:
-left Seville at 5.30 in the morning by bus to Tarifa, the windy city of Spain, country side was beautiful as well as all the windmills
-Took a ferry for 35 minutes from Tarifa to Tanger, Morocco
-Continued by bus with Moroccan tour guide to Chefchaouen, a small town almost completely painted blue, said to keep away the mosquitos
-Had a local tour take us around Chefchaouen and we were also able to hear the loud prayer call while in the town
-Continued by bus to Fes, say many donkeys and roadside markets, policemen, sheep
-Arrived in Fes where we ate a delicious dinner at the hotel
-Slept very well!
-We left early to visit the medina, the old market filled part of the city
-tried our hands at bargaining
-visited a tannery (beautiful to see but the smell was almost unbearable), supposedly people from Amazing Race had a challenge in this tannery
-ate in a restaurant within a palace that served very flavorful dishes, with plenty of cous cous
-visited a wood shop, metal shop, fabric shop, and a "pharmacy" with all kinds herbs to cure
-went to a moroccan music show
-went to the city of Asilah, a very quiet town with a restaurant that served excellent cous cous and vegetables
-succeeded in bargaining!
-Continued back to Tanger by bus (where we took a hop up on a camel) and from there to Tarifa by Ferry

All in all, a scenic, flavorful, distinct, revealing, and impressive trip.

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