Friday, March 30, 2007

Una experencia!

I feel like I've been somewhat out of touch with my hospital experience. I'd like to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers. I'm sure I'm out much quicker because of them.
To give a brief account, on Friday, I had started feeling sick and by Saturday, it had gotten much worse. Saturday nite the doctor made a house call and gave some instructions and we hoped for the best. By Sunday, I felt horrible with dizziness and the pains in my stomach were almost unbearable. They took me to the hospital that day and Susan, who works with student affairs at the school, took wonderful care of me. She kept me company and was the go between for many things. My Mom made me feel so much better also, as she communicated with the doctor, who spoke english thankfully. I don't know if I've ever had so much contact with my Mom and Dad since I've been here, and speaking with them helped make my hospital experience pass by much more quickly.
They started me on IVs, which are a bit different looking than those in the states. Also another thing I noticed was that the thermometer was always put under the armpit instead of in the mouth. It was somewhat humerous how long they'd leave the thermometer in. I suppose it wasn't like I was going anywhere! After the antibiotics started kicking in and a few days of not eating, I felt much better. They did some xrays and another test to find out that I had lesions on my intestine and thus the pain. They first thought it to be from Morroco, but by the end, they weren't completely sure what it was from.
Now that I'm out, I have a strict diet to follow for a bit and some medicines. I shall stay in Seville and miss my trip to Ireland, which is somewhat of a disappointment, but as my mom said, maybe I can get some credits for my hospital stay!
I'll be able to see the whole of Semana Santa which should be lovely and impresionante as everyone here says.
They're really getting ready for it here, with new paint going up everywhere and chairs and benches being set up.
I wish everyone a beautiful Easter. I'll have a good preparation here I believe and I will make the best of it know that my sufferings and mishaps can never compare to the majority of misfortunes that happen everyday to others.
God bless you all!

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