Monday, February 5, 2007

Granada era nada como Sevilla, pero me gusta

Here´s the link for the pictures of Granada

This past weekend we went to Granada which is right by the Sierra Mountains. The view was fantastic and the background looked like a backdrop from a hollywood movie. It was refreshing to have a hotel room where the hot water was unlimited and I took advantage of this and took two showers in one day. I had good reason though because I went for a run there. The streets were like indoor floors and they were somewhat difficult to run on because it was sprinkling which made them slippery, but all the more fun to keep me on my toes! The day we arrived we went to the Alhambra, one of the seven wonders of the world. It was very large but we toured the main buildings. We saw the room in which Colombus met Queen Isabella. There were actually many cats roaming around the building for mice control. Another great thing about Granada was that for every drink you bought, you would get a free tapa, or small portion of food. This is great for college kids! I saw the Cathedral and actually went to Mass there on Sunday. It was nice to see such a bright church compared to the gothics styles that are so popular. On the busride home we were stuck in traffic for an unknown reason, but we all got home safe and sound.

In March, three other girls and myself will be traveling to London, which should be a good time.

Overall, Granada was a nice place to visit, but it was so nice to get back to Sevilla. On our way walking home we passed a string quartet and Clara said I was three feet away from Prince William?

Paqui gave us a large dinner as usual and I got a good nite´s sleep.

I´ll post pictures tomorrow!

Hasta Luego!

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Patrice said...

Querido Andrea,

¡Qué fantastico y suerte! ¡Tú tienes un tiempo divertido, bien...! =]

Hace mucho frio aquí. Hay no escuela para mi (o mis hermanas y primas) porque es cancelada. Hoy es una día única. ¡La temperatura es en los negativos (-6 y -7)! ¡Qué magnifica!

Recibé la tarjeta postal. Gracias. Es muy chistoso porque en la classe de Español la professora habló que España tiene influencias de cristianos, musulmanes, y judíos. Este es exactamente lo que dice.

¿Fui a la ciudad de Toledo o en la fútura? ¿Hay muchas ruinas en Sevilla?

Es todo. Adios
y Besitos, Besitos
Con Cariño,