Monday, February 19, 2007

More little things about Spain.

There are no Walmarts here. Only Corte Ingles, which is much more expensive.

People are out and about here in Seville at all hours of the day and nite and the streets are really well lit.

Some homeless men stand around on the streets waiting for cars to parallel park and then charge the drivers if they help them get into a spot.

There seems to be homeless people in every entrance of every church.

The weather is very tempermental and changes on a dime.

Scarves are in style. People wear them all the time and with every outfit.

Service at restaurantes can be quite horrible, probably from the fact that people don´t really tip. It can take forever to get the bill.

My señora said that everyone in Spain has back problems. I must say that I believe it to be the shoes here. No one wears tennis shoes and there are so many cheap shoe shops with good looking shoes.

All the churches are gorgeous and each has their own elaborate alter and statues that are gold adorned. I´m enjoying them very much.

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PAT said...

Dear Andrea,
We are enjoying your posts so much. Your new haircut looks very nice. Interesting proceedure though.
Your description of your trips are great. I feel like I am there with you. My feet ache for you though. I remember being on cobbled streets with a heel spur when we were in Mexico with the Golden Strings Kids.
It is so great that your Dad is going to visit you in April. You have an excellent start on a book: "Exploring Spain and etc."
I will include my link to my blog.
Hope you will be able to bring it up. Love you lots and keep safe and keep us informed. God bless you and Mary love you. Nana & Nanu