Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sevilla, Spain, and Sopa

First off, I´d like to say that I got my haircut. Although I must say it was mostly a haircut style because I still have about the same length of hair. It´s actually quite intimidating getting your hair cut in a foreign country. I didn´t know how to explain myself very well with hair salon lingo. All I knew is that I wanted layers and so I found that word in spanish, acapas. So I basically left myself up to the stylist´s hands and said a few Hail Mary´s. One of my fears was that they´d give me a mullet, as that is the modern look for a lot of people in Spain, girls and guys. The way the stylist cut my hair, I had NEVER seen anyone do before. He just grabbed huge chunks of my hair and chopped away. He must have made three or four chunked cuts and then he was done. During the process I averted my eyes quite a bit just in case it was going to turn out badly and my roommate who came with me for moral support kept glancing over. It turned out well and all in all I´m quite happy with the results.
Enough about hair though, I thought I´d post a blog about random things I´ve noticed or seen in Spain.

Olive oil is so abundant here. My señora uses it to cook almost everything. It adds such a wonderful flavor, especially with garlic, which is also as abundant.

As I said above mullets are everywhere and it reminds me of the eightys.

White bread is served with every single meal, and it´s hard to refuse as it is perfect to scoop up the soups that our señora prepares for us. But I think I may have to take up running some more.

All over Sevilla there are people playing their instruments and it reminds me a lot of Chicago. There are also those people that dress up in all metalic and face paint and only move if you give them money.

Smart cars, the little itty bitty ones are everywhere.

The oranges are delicious and in abundance and we get them twice a day from our señora.

I´ll write more when I think of them. Adios for now!


Colana said...

Enjoyed reading all your "tid bits" about Spain! You'll have to post a picture of your new "DO"! I'll bet it's cute. How does the coffee taste over there?

Anna said...

Hi Andrea! It's Anna! You should post
a picture of your hair! I will be sending two comics tomorrow!

Anna said...

I love you and miss you so much!

Colana said...
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Patrice said...

Querida Andrea,

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? ¿Phenomenal?

Tomé un viaje a The Abbey en Genevea por The Golden Strings. Este es un semana pasada muy divertida y deliciosa (la desayuno es magnífico el domingo).

Besitos, Besitos,
Tú chica favorita,
Con Cariño,


Patrice said...
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Patrice said...

A mi me gusta tú pelo bonito.